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Hilgendorf GmbH + Co.


As a successful family-owned company – already managed by the third generation – we have been a guarantor for quality, flexibility, timeliness and short-term delivery for over 70 years.

For us, professional solutions are just as much a part of the technical side of everyday business such as innovative development processes for new product units and are achieved in in-depth and collaborative cooperation with customers. Thanks to many years of experience and continual advancements, individual customer requests are implemented effectively and competently with consciousness for the budget.

Our objective is to expand our market position further with sustainable growth. To this end, we are developing our delivery range further and optimising our processes with capable partners in various sectors.
Beyond this, we also rely on motivated and qualified personnel and their continual support in order to live up to this high standard of quality we place on ourselves.

We are facing the economic and ecological challenges of the future with performance awareness and quality conciousness. Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 (see certificate) has been in effect as verification of our high level of quality in products and services since 1993.